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Bow Wow Ventures | Dog Walker Biographies


SHASTA | Owner/Operator

 Working with animals has always come naturally to Shasta, as she grew up on a farm where she and her family cared for horses and cows. The farm life instilled in Shasta a dedicated work ethic, the love to teach, the drive for happiness, and an enviable optimistic attitude.

One of Shasta’s greatest teachers is a German Shepard named Boris. Shasta adopted him from one of her clients, and quickly learned that Boris needed guidance. Shasta worked with Boris and a master dog trainer to learn better control and handling skills. She took to the training naturally and began to implement the training concepts she learned, to become a better dog walker. It was quickly noticeable that each dog flourished under her new training skills and it strengthened her bond with her dog packs.

Shasta has been professionally dog walking since 2000. She has trained many dog walkers who have since gone off to start their own companies, ranging from dog walking to doggie day care facilities. She is a member of the East Bay Pet Sitters Association and Pet Sitters International. She is also Pet CPR and First Aid Certified. Shasta also spent time as a professional photographer and is often seen photographing your dog in candid moments!

KATELYN | Dog Walker/Office Aide

 Katelyn is a life-long dog owner, and animal rescue advocate. Throughout her adolescence, Katelyn was a volunteer dog walker at her local Human Society where she learned tactics for handling rescue animals, and proper animal care. After graduating form UCB in 2012, Katelyn turned her focus to developing her knowledge of dogs. She enjoys sharing her findings with her Bow Wow colleagues to perpetuate each dog’s progress in temperament and training.

Katelyn's passion for dog walking flourished when she saw the positive effects of focused hikes on her dog Melon, a 65lb mix. A dog once enveloped with fear based insecurities and aggression is now a confident pack-mate with excellent recall. Melon is the main inspiration for Katelyn's work with dogs, and they are both elated to provide a positive outlet for other dogs. The nuances of Melon’s personality provide Katelyn with an empathic perspective on what each Bow Wow dog needs to succeed in the pack.

When Katelyn isn’t hitting the East Bay trails or the Joaquin Miller dog park, she trains with the Bay Area Derby Girls as a competitive skater. Katelyn brings her determined attitude and athleticism to the trail for engaged pack management.

OZZIE | Dog Walker

Ozzie has been a professional dog walker since June 2013. However, he has been a dog lover and owner for most of his 70 years, as there has always been a dog as part of his family. Ozzie’s current canine companion is Zeke, a mid-sized Australian Shepherd who never ceases to amaze Ozzie with his enthusiasm and fun-loving attitude.

The key enjoyment Ozzie derives from dog walking is watching the dogs having fun, running and playing on the beautiful trails in this area.  Additionally, Ozzie takes enjoyment in introducing Zeke to new friends in the pack.

 Ozzie’s love for hiking has also been a key health benefit, as since he started with Bow Wow he has lost 25 pounds and 2 inches from his waist!!




LYLA | Dog Walker

  Ever since she can remember Lyla has been drawn to animals, dogs specifically. After adopting her bundle of Joy, Dahlia, she realized she wanted to know as much as she could about dogs and turn her love for dogs into a career. Lyla began apprenticing under Nancy Frensly and other trainers at the Berkeley Humane Society and eventually got her dog training certification from the Marin Humane Societies Canine Behavior academy. Since then Lyla has worked for several animal care establishments including Metro Dog daycare, doing work handling, walking and training a variety of canine companions. Lyla looks forward to putting the skills she has gained to work for Bow Wow’s furry friends and ensuring that they have a great time during our walks. Lyla is psyched to be joining the Bow Wow Ventures team and building strong relationships with all the pooches and their devoted owners.

JACKIE | Dog Walker

 Jackie was raised in Daly City, near the San Francisco border. Her mom came from a family where they had many animals, so when her mom married her dad, a son of Italian immigrants, Jackie naturally had many animals as pets, including birds, fish, turtles, and many dogs.

When Jackie moved out and started college and working full time, she took her favorite dog, Prezo, with her. She started to work for a professional dog training company as a trainer in Obedience and Personal Protection, and also helping to run their chain of retail pet stores.

Since 1983, Jackie has trained adopted Mixed Breed dogs to over 90 titles in a variety of dog sports in Rally, Obedience, Conformation, Weight Pull, Temperament Testing, Carting/Drafting, Racing, Earthdog, Barnhunt, Tracking, and Lure Coursing. A few of those titles are “firsts” for Mixed Breed dogs including the first Drafting and Carting titles and the first AKC Rally Advanced Excellent title and the second AKC Utility Dog title.

Since 2009, Jackie has had her own business called The Social Pet, where she helps find lost pets throughout California in a variety of ways, including a dog trained to track and follow scents, both human and animal. The dog who performs the tracking is Dino, a high energy and hard-working Mixed Breed, adopted from Grateful Dog Rescue in San Francisco in 2006. Dino has won national awards in Search and Rescue categories, has been nominated twice for Hero Dog Awards, and has earned over 32 titles in the show ring in multiple dog sports.

STEVEN | Dog Walker

 Steven has a Bachelors Degree in Animal Science and is a dog lover, through and through! Before Bow Wow Ventures, Steven worked at an Animal hospital in Belgium, a large 600 dog shelter specializing in rescuing and caring for abused Greyhounds in Spain. He also traveled to Thailand to work in an animal rescue center for abused and neglected wildlife. At the rescue center, Steven assisted veterinarians in a variety of medical procedures and he cared daily for the well-being of the animals, all in hopes of giving them the future they deserve. Steven's heart belongs to the dogs though! He loves the energy and companionship that people and dogs share. Steven enjoys working with the Bow Wow packs and focusing his energy on providing a stable, healthy, and fun environment for the group.