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6 tips for mastering the dog walk: Cesar Millan


In this short article, Cesar Millan provides 6 tips for being a  strong walker for your dog.



The benefits of a professional dog walk

I have been walking dogs for nearly 15 year now.  I recently discovered that I walk an average of 7-9 miles per day as I pick up dogs walk them and return them home.  I have walked thousands of miles with my dog walking pack and have seen incredible tansformations in not only my spiritual well being but also the dogs that I care for. 

 Anytime I meet a new dog, I try to get them out on a pack walk immediately.  Walking as a pack is by far one of the most bonding experiences we can have with our canine friends.  Especially if you walk with a bit of structure and rules.  Every pack walk starts with waiting calmly at the car (practices stay), then we heel on leash to the location we are allowed to have the dogs off leash, the pups sit and then each dog is allowed off leash, only if they are at that level of their training.  During the walk we continue to practice heel, some pups practice an off leash heel, while others focus on the heel as they are bonding with me.  Once they have earned trust and are able to be off leash then we engage in some fun.  Chase games with their pals, fetch games, sniffing, romping and socializing.  I recall the dogs often throughout my walks, I refer to this as the "huddle up" command.  It is used to recall all of the dogs quickly to me for safety.  When I use this command, I get all of the dogs to face me and sit in front of me.  I use this not only to count up my group but also to teach them to come to me quickly to me so I may control my group in the event we need to quickly leash, get off the trail or just show our awesome training.  

A professional dog walker will have an understanding of training and implement it their daily walks.  They will reinforce rules to make your dog a better canine citizen.  We will instill polite trail manners and work on issues that the dog is having trouble with or give guidance to trainers who can assist with more difficult behavior issues.  A professional dog walk is not just a person playing with your dog.  We are teachers, who give your dog guidance so they may excel in every part of their life.


Shasta Marlowe